Thursday, January 26, 2017

Homework (26 Jan)

26 January 2017

- Do Math differentiation notes; tier A
         - Q1 (i)(j)
         - Q2 (b)(g)(h)

- Biology Reproduction in Plants wb (by next Fri)
Biology Reproduction in Plants ws (by next Fri)

- Complete El nominalization ws (by tmr)

- Chemistry wb energy change (by next Thurs)

Social Studies
- SS ws SBQ; Q1 (a) and (c) (by next Fri)

- Google classroom; make notes

- Rmbr to bring your storybooks and el hw tmr! 
- Canteens will not be opened. 
- You are encouraged to come in shades of red. Bermudas and shorts are not allowed. Please be reminded that you should also not mix your school bottoms (pants / culottes) with your red top

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